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Technical requirements and development trends of steel pipes

(1) The requirements for high corrosion resistance of various corrosive media and high-temperature strength and low-temperature toughness are becoming higher and higher. As a result, the chemical composition of pipe products is constantly changing, and the smelting and processing technology is continuously improved.

(2) The pipe product size (wall thickness accuracy), shape accuracy to promote the online detection, automatic control technology continues to progress.

(3) The requirement of reducing the cost of pipe products makes the production process develop to the direction of short process and near final molding.

(4) The general trend of pipe product requirements is high quality, cheap, efficient, low consumption.

Hot rolled seamless steel tube production

Production process of automatic tube rolling unit: (cold centering) heating tube blank → heating → hot centering → perforation → tube rolling → tube blank → heating → hot centering → perforation → tube rolling → uniform sizing reheating → reduction → Cooling → Straightening → Pipe cutting → Reheating → Reduction → Cooling → Straightening → Pipe cutting → Heat treatment → Inspection → Heat treatment → Inspection → Storage