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Threeway Steel co.,ltd is a world-class SSAW steel pipe provider, one of the largest subsidiary in Shinestar Holdings Group Co.,ltd. As the companys  largest export base, we are committed to provide professional one-stop procurement service for customers with excellent quality, competitive price,  convenient transportation and timely delivery. At present, customers have been all over world. Including Singapore, Vietnam, Egypt, Nigeria,   Arabia,  United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Mexico, Columbia, Australia etc.In the future,Threeway steel co.,ltd devotes to bring unexpected special experience for worldwide customers by the excellent strength and abundant experience.


Good quality is the core competitiveness for the enterprise. Our main products are carbon steel seamless pipe, carbon steel welded pipe, stainless steel pipe, pipe fittings. All the product are made by the factory which have got the ISO and CE certification, in strictly accordance with international standards. Meanwhile, we provide value-added services, such as: hot dip galvanized steel pipe, steel pipe anti-corrosion treatment, pipe cutting, or other customized services.wide range of product and complete specifications,Threeway steel co.,ltd is able to operating large-scale projects, and provide customized solutions. We are particularly good at providing solutions for the infrastructure facility projects, such as bridge construction, construction, steel class infrastructure and so on.


Threeway steel co.,ltd own a strong R & D platform, we build up the factory in Tianjin, Jiangsu, Hunan and Jiangxi.R & D depart have been set up for taking control of the development, production, quality control, every aspect of transportation, to ensure reliable product quality. In order to better serve the global market spiral, SEREIN invested 12 SSAW steel pipe  production line, these lines we provide can good cover from 219-3500 outer diameter specifications. Meanwhile, in order to achieve high quality production standards, we have invested a lot of testing equipment, including the impact testing machine, bending machine, ultrasonic detectors, optical microscopy, hydraulic test equipment. In our test center, we can provide a complete production process and finished product testing services.


Shinestar Holdings Group Co.,ltd,one of the world’s major steel manufacturer,located in China,is committed to providing high-quality steel products for global customers and services.The business scope covers the production, processing, storage, marketing, logistics, and other supplies to many areas of the collection and management of global projects. By virtue of  extensive industry experience, Shinestar not only producing high-end steel products, but also providing technical support and solutions for different projects. At the same time, the risk control, cost control, warehouse management, efficient production, including a row overall service are provided.Future, Shinestar will continue to cooperate with global energy companies, oil companies, construction companies, provide one-stop procurement of materials and services and ensure that customers purchase the most cost-effective steel.


Notice Letter


All Clients:


Threeway Steel Co., Ltd has always advocated the business philosophy of operating according to law and being honest and trustworthy. In order to strengthen the fairness and justice of our future cooperation, improve the efficiency of communication, and ensure the cooperation project can be launched successfully. We shall inform you our official business email to maintain long-term cooperation and avoid unnecessary losses.

1、我公司企业官方邮箱仅限于以下三项:The official email of Threeway Steel Co., Ltd is limited to the following three items

2、我公司仅认可上述官方邮箱以我公司名义发出要约、作出承诺以及为我公司设定其他权利义务的活动;上述邮箱以外的其他非官方邮箱以我公司名义对外做出的涉及我公司权利义务的行为,我公司不予认可。We, Threeway Steel Co., Ltd, only designated the above-mentioned official email to make orders, make commitment and clarify the rights and obligations between Threeway Steel Co., Ltd and our clients. We DO NOT ACCEPT any individuals or companies uses non-official email other than the above-mentioned email, and on the behalf of Threeway Steel Co., Ltd make any decisions involving the rights and obligations.

3、即便贵方能够确认上述官方邮箱与其他非官方邮箱的使用者为同一人,我公司也仅认可从企业官方邮箱发出的相关信息,对非官方邮箱发出的信息不予认可。Although the non-official email was confirmed by the above-mentioned email users, Threeway Steel Co., Ltd only recognizes the relevant information sent from the above-mentioned email. Any information sent from non-official email is not recognized.

以上,希望得到各合作方的支持和配合,期待与各合作方一起为建立健康、公平的商业秩序和实现合作共赢而努力!Above, thank you for your support and cooperation, looking forward to establishing an healthy and fairness business environment and achieving win-win cooperation!




Threeway Steel Co., Ltd