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Feature of steel pipe piles

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Steel pipe piles are widely used in various situations such as support piles and friction piles. Especially when used as support piles, since they can be fully driven into the harder support layer, they can exert the load-bearing effect of the entire cross-sectional strength of the steel. Even in deep soft soil foundations of more than 30 meters, steel pipe piles can be sunk into a relatively solid support layer and can fully exert their bearing capacity. In summary, the main features of steel pipe piles are:

1. Can withstand strong impact. Because it can withstand strong impact forces, it has excellent penetration and penetration properties. If a hard interlayer is buried in the foundation that is not very thick and has a standard penetration number of IV = about 30, it can be passed through smoothly. It can penetrate the solid support layer according to design needs.

2. Large carrying capacity. Since steel as the parent material of steel pipe piles has high yield strength, a large bearing capacity can be obtained as long as the bank is sunk on a solid support layer.

3. Large horizontal resistance and strong resistance to lateral force. Because the steel pipe pile has a sizeable cross-sectional stiffness and a large resistance moment against bending moments, it can withstand large horizontal forces. In addition, large-diameter thick-walled pipes can also be used. Therefore, it can be widely used on bollards, bridge abutments, and bridge piers that bear lateral forces.

4. Great flexibility in design. The wall thickness of each single tube of the steel pipe pile can be changed as needed, and the outer diameter can be selected to meet the design load-bearing requirements.

5. The pile length is easy to adjust. When the layer that serves as the pile tip support layer is undulating, the prepared pile will appear to be longer or shorter. Since steel pipe piles can be freely welded to length or gas-cut to shorten, it is easy to adjust the length of the pile so that construction can be carried out smoothly.

6. The joints are safe and suitable for long-dimension construction. Since steel pipe piles are easy to make welded joints to splice pile sections, and the strength of the joints is equal to that of the base material, the burial depth can be determined to suit the needs.

7. Easy to combine with the upper structure. By pre-welding the steel bars to the upper part of the pile, the steel pipe pile can be easily combined with the upper cap rod concrete. It can also be directly welded to the upper structure, thus ensuring that the upper and lower parts work together.

8. Minimize soil discharge when piling. Steel pipe piles can be driven into the pile through openings. Relatively speaking, the cross-sectional area for discharging soil is small and the driving efficiency is high. It also has the following characteristics:
a: Little disturbance to the Gutu foundation.
b: There is no adverse impact on adjacent buildings (structures) and very intensive piling construction can be carried out on a small area.
c: Most suitable for projects such as high-rise buildings, large mechanical equipment foundations, and harbor structures, which impose large loads on a small area.
d: Easy to transport and stack. Steel pipe piles are light in weight, so there is no need to worry about damage, and they are easy to transport and stack.
e: Save project costs and shorten the construction period. Since steel pipe piles have many of the above characteristics, if these characteristics can be fully utilized in actual projects, the construction period can be shortened. Steel pipe piles are most suitable for rapid construction. Therefore, its comprehensive economic benefits are high and it can relatively save engineering costs.


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