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Straight seam steel pipe procurement method and processing method

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The frequency of use of straight seam steel pipes in the industry has always been at a relatively high position, so it is very important to understand the processing and procurement details of straight seam steel pipes.

The processing method of straight seam steel pipe

Forging steel: a pressure processing method that uses the reciprocating impact of a forging hammer or the pressure of a press to change the blank into the shape and size we need.

Extrusion: It is a processing method in which the steel puts the metal in a closed extruder and applies pressure at one end to extrude the metal from a prescribed die hole to obtain a finished product with the same shape and size. It is mostly used for the production of non-ferrous metal materials.

Rolling: A pressure processing method in which steel metal blanks are passed through a gap (various shapes) between a pair of rotating rolls, and the cross-section of the material is reduced due to the compression of the rolls, and the length is increased.

Drawing steel: It is a processing method that draws rolled metal blanks (forms, tubes, products, etc.) through a die hole to reduce the cross-section and increase the length. Most of the processing methods are used for cold working.

Therefore, when purchasing straight seam steel pipes, you need to pay attention to these matters:

1. The wall thickness of the steel pipe is not enough. Using the gate method, the mouth end of the steel pipe looks thicker with a hammer shield, but the original shape will be revealed by measuring with an instrument.

2. Straight seams are used as seamless steel pipes. The number of straight seam welds is less than one longitudinal weld. The whole steel pipe is polished with a machine, commonly known as polishing, and it looks like there is no gap to be seamless.

3. Now there is still a more sophisticated method that is seamless steel pipe, which is also heat-expanded steel pipe. After the expansion, there is lead powder on the inside, and there are burn marks on the outside. The weld is also invisible. Many relatively large steel pipes are sold seamlessly using this kind of steel pipes to seek large profits.

4. Circumferentially welded seam steel pipes use polishing to act as a proxy for straight seam steel pipes.

After understanding the processing and procurement details of the straight seam steel pipe, the selection goal of the overall straight seam steel pipe becomes more clear.


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