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The surface of stainless steel tube

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The surface of stainless steel tube

1. The surface is subjected to heat treatment and pickling treatment after hot rolling. Generally used for cold-rolled materials, industrial tanks, chemical industry equipment, etc., the thickness is thicker from 2.0MM-8.0MM.

Dull surface: 2. D cold-rolled, heat-treated and pickled, its material is soft and its surface is silver-white luster, which is used for deep drawing processing, such as automotive components, water pipes, etc.

Different surface processing and grades, different characteristics, and uses will lead to different processing methods, and it still requires considerable attention and caution in the application.

The surface treatment of the spiral steel pipe mainly uses wire brushes and other tools to polish the surface of the steel, which can remove the loose or raised oxide scale, rust, welding slag, etc. The rust removal of hand tools can reach Sa2 level, and the rust removal of power tools can reach Sa3 level. If the surface of the steel adheres to a strong iron oxide scale, the rust removal results of the tools will not be considered, and the depth of the anchor pattern required by the anti-corrosion construction will not be reached.

Hairline surface HAIRLINE: HL NO.4 is a product with a grinding pattern (subdivided No. 150-320) produced by continuous grinding with a polishing abrasive belt of appropriate particle size. Mainly used for architectural decoration, elevators, doors and panels of buildings, etc.

Bright surface: BA is cold rolled, bright annealed, and flattened. Excellent surface gloss and high reflectivity. like a mirror surface. Used in home appliances, mirrors, kitchen equipment, decorative materials, etc.

After spraying (throwing) rust removal of spiral steel pipe, it can not only expand the physical adsorption effect on the surface of the pipe but also strengthen the mechanical adhesion effect between the anti-corrosion layer and the surface of the pipe. Therefore, spraying (throwing) rust removal is an ideal rust removal method for pipeline corrosion protection. Generally speaking, shot blasting (sand) rust removal is mainly used for the treatment of the inside and outside of the pipe, and shot blasting (sand) rust removal is mainly used for the surface treatment of the pipe.


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