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Benefits Of Oil Country Tubular Goods

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The need for oil country tubular goods, or OCTG, continues to be in high demand as exploration and the use of fossil fuels grow on a global level. As long as we depend on oil, we will depend on the supply of OCTG. Although the world seeks more renewable sources of energy, the market for oil and gas continues to expand in the absence of a suitable alternative. These fuels serve not only our heating and cooling needs, but also the manufacturing of countless modern products essential to everyday life.

5 Key Benefits of Oil Country Tubular Goods:

Durability of casing is an important benefit of OCTG. It can be subjected to high amounts of axial tension due to its own dead weight. Additionally, the casing must withstand both internal fluid pressure and external pressure from surrounding environmental formations.

The strength of the drill pipes used in expelling drilling fluid are seamless and engineered to withstand the high torque of drilling, as well as axial tension and internal pressure from the fluid.

All products used for oil extraction must be resistant to corrosion, even in unfavorable conditions. Corrosion, or deterioration of the metal due to chemical process, would be common without steps taken to prevent it. Prevention can be achieved through the use of strategically chosen materials, such as polymer alloys, thermoplastics, and resins.

OCTG are manufactured to resist cracking. Sulphide stress cracking occurs when hydrogen sulfide and water combine with high tensile stress and corrosion. The problem is common in high strength steel, but oil country tubular goods are built to resist this defect. Heat treatment applied after welding plays an important role in preventing sulphide stress cracking.

Products required for oil drilling cannot be built using the conventional manufacturing processes. Specific techniques, heat treatments, and alloying contribute to an end product that is both strong and durable for the critical task that it must perform.

Oil spills are a major health and environmental hazard. Therefore, it is of highest importance that OCTG are manufactured to the highest standards of quality, strength, and durability. Resistance to corrosion, cracking, and leaking in these critical pieces of equipment is imperative. Companies like Threewaysteel, understand the importance of products in this industry needing to perform at the highest of standards.

As long as the world is relying on gas and oil for fuels, these oil country tubular goods will be in demand. While we can theorize about renewable resources someday taking center stage, there is no slowing of demand for fossil fuels, particularly in developing nations. Oil is a necessity to current everyday life and until that changes, the benefits of oil country tubular goods will remain, providing the population with oil in a safe and dependable way.

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