The steel piles are used in deep foundations and transfer the loads from the building to stronger soil layers found deep underground. The loads are resisted through skin friction and point bearing. It can be driven either open-ended or closed-ended, with points or plates. There are three types that we can manufacture. Steel Pipe Pile, Steel Sheet Pile, Steel Pipe, and Sheet Pile.

  • Steel Pipe Sheet Pile
    1. OD diameter: 0.5m-1.7m
    2. Joint distance: 65*65*8, 75*75*9, 100*75*10, 247.8, 180

    3. Type: L-T type, P-P type, P-T type

    4. Feature: Large rigidity, bearing capacity, Good work efficiency.

    5. Usage: Harbor facilities, Urban civil engineering, bridges, etc.
  • Steel Sheet Pile
    1. Size: 400mm-width, 500mm-width, 600mm-width Length: 2-19m

    2. Type: Marine coat steel sheet pile, J-pocket pile

    3. Feature: Wide variety, Excellent work efficiency

    4. Usage: Revetment, quay wall, retaining walls, breakwater·····

  • Steel Pipe Pile

    1. Size: φ406 to φ2540

    2. Type: Steel pipe pile, Tsubasa pile, Super KING construction method pile, Marine coat steel pipe pile, NF pile/SL pile

    3. Usage: Revetment, quay wall, retaining walls, breakwater, scour prevention, reinforcement of dikes······