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Steel Pipe Sheet Pile

1. OD diameter: 0.5m-1.7m
2. Joint distance: 65*65*8, 75*75*9, 100*75*10, 247.8, 180
3. Type: L-T type, P-P type, P-T type
4. Feature: Large rigidity, bearing capacity, Good work efficiency.
5. Usage: Harbor facilities, Urban civil engineering, bridges, etc.
6. Delivery:Within 10-30 days and depends on your order quantity
7. Payment:TT, LC , OA , D/P
8. Packing:Bundled/In Bulk, Plastic Caps Plugged, Waterproof Paper Wrapped

What is steel pipe sheet pile

The steel pipe sheet pile is made up of steel pipes with joints welded onto them.  It can be used to make a circular, oval, or rectangular-shaped well foundation that combines the functions of foundation piles and a cofferdam. They are then arranged in a planar fashion in an enclosed form. And filling the joint pipes of the steel pipe sheet piles with mortar and providing their heads with rigid connection by means of footing allows a group of steel pipe sheet piles to behave as an integral foundation. This type of foundation is employed with many bridges and big steel structure projects. Because of the large cross-section feature, it can realize a compact foundation design that minimizes interference with water flow.

Steel pipe sheet pipes are widely used in harbors (piers and breakwaters), urban civil engineering (earth-retaining walls and cofferdams), bridges (foundations for steel pipe sheet pile foundations), and other applications, along with use regarding increased scales of structures, increases in water depth, and increases regarding construction work in regions where the deep supporting strata exists under thick soft ground.

Features of steel pipe sheet pile

1. Foundation possible to be sued both for temporary cofferdams and for permanent foundations can reduce construction periods and costs.

2. A group of steel pipe sheet piles moves together, which can provide high horizontal resistance and vertical bearing capacity, along with reducing the occupied are at the same time.

3. Using the interlocks of high shear strength can further reduce the size of foundations. The foundation can also be used for the aseismic retrofitting of bridges.

Application of steel pipe sheet pile

  • Foundations can be used both for temporary cofferdams and for permanent foundations

  • Reduction in the occupied area

  • Using interlocks for high shear strength can reduce the size of foundations


Lateral Resistance Larger than that of Steel Sheet Piles

Since steel pipe sheet piles have greater lateral resistance than that of steel sheet piles, it is easy to construct large wall structures or free-standing walls without tie rods.

Can Function as Both Wall and Foundation Pile

Being capable of withstanding not only lateral loads but also large vertical loads, steel pipe sheet piles can combine the functions of sheet pile walls and foundation piles.

Sheet Piles Can be Joined into any Shape

Steel pipe sheet piles can be shaped freely by changing joint positions, whether into a curved line or straight line.

Joint Shape Varieties for Different Applications

Steel pipe sheet pile joints are available in three types: P-P, L-T and P-T. You can choose joint designs to suit your applications, whether for revetment structures, bridge foundations, cofferdam walls or retaining walls. The P-P type, in particular, can deliver superior cut-off performance through use of a waterstop treatment.

They also offer all of the advantages of steel pipe piles in addition to the above-mentioned ones.

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