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Characteristics of submarine pipeline engineering

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As an important method of submarine pipeline transportation, we can also find problems with submarine pipeline transportation. Here are the features of the submarine pipeline construction.

① The construction investment is large.

In general supply, only medical pipelines with auxiliary systems require a huge professional fleet consisting of a pipeline spreader and a tugboat of more than 10 work vessels, the professional fleet of fuel, etc. Among them, the main cost of marine pipeline construction with a professional fleet is also the cost of land lease. The cost of marine pipeline construction is 1 to 2 times higher than the cost of the pipeline on board.

② High construction quality requirements.

During the construction period or after the pipeline is put into production. If an accident occurs in the marine pipeline, the maintenance will be much hard than the maintenance of the onshore pipeline. Therefore, the quality of the pipeline materials and construction must be ensured.

③The construction environment is changeable.

The marine conditions change drastically and rapidly, and in many cases are affected by natural factors such as wind waves and ocean currents. It is difficult for the construction fleet to maintain stability at sea. At this time, it is necessary to lower the construction pipeline to the seabed and resume construction after the storm has passed.

④The construction organization is complicated.

In the pipeline construction, the prefabrication of the pipeline, the fleet's accessories, the supply of fuel and freshwater, etc., all need to rely on the shore base; the determination of the direction of the fleet's position and movement also depends on the radio communication base of the shore base.


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