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Common anti-corrosion technology of spiral steel pipe

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Common anti-corrosion technology of spiral steel pipe

Anti-corrosion spiral steel pipe plays an important and different role in people's daily life. Anti-corrosion spiral steel pipe generally refers to the use of special technology to treat ordinary spiral steel pipe with anti-corrosion treatment, so that the spiral steel pipe has a certain anti-corrosion ability. Generally, it is used for waterproofing, rust prevention, acid and alkali resistance, and oxidation resistance.

Spiral steel pipes are often used for fluid transportation and gas transportation, and pipelines often need to be buried, launched, or overhead construction. The corrosive nature of steel pipes and the construction and application environment of the pipeline determine the construction of spiral steel pipes. If the construction is not in place, it will affect the service life of the pipeline and even cause catastrophic accidents such as environmental pollution, fire, and explosion.

At present, almost all spiral steel pipe application projects will carry out anti-corrosion technical treatment on pipelines to ensure the service life of spiral steel pipes and the safety and environmental protection of pipeline projects. The anti-corrosion performance of spiral steel pipes will also affect the economy and Maintenance costs.

The anti-corrosion technology of spiral steel pipes has formed a very mature anti-corrosion system according to the usage and anti-corrosion technology.

IPN8710 anticorrosion and epoxy coal tar pitch anticorrosion are mainly used in tap water supply and water pipeline applications. This kind of anticorrosion generally adopts external epoxy coal tar pitch anticorrosion and internal IPN8710 anticorrosion technology, with simple process flow and low cost.

3PE anti-corrosion steel pipe and TPEP anti-corrosion steel pipe are commonly used for gas transportation and tap water transportation. These two anti-corrosion methods have high performance and high process automation, but the cost is generally higher than other anti-corrosion processes.

Plastic-coated steel pipes are currently the most widely used anti-corrosion technology. The application areas include water supply and drainage, fire-fighting spraying, and mining. The pipeline anti-corrosion technology is mature, and the anti-corrosion and mechanical properties are very strong. Moreover, the later maintenance cost is low, and the service life is long, and it is gradually recognized and promoted by more and more engineering design units.

Spiral steel pipe is a kind of semi-solid thermal spraying plastic, usually filled with epoxy resin or polyurethane containing flame retardant, and then heat-treated after coating to obtain a new pipe with good oxidation resistance and wear resistance. Because of its convenient construction, simple construction method, ease to master and use, it is currently a widely used pipe in my country. For the choice of anti-corrosion methods for spiral steel pipes, multiple factors such as the application field, construction environment, and cost budget need to be considered. The construction site can be forged with pressure vessels as needed, but attention should be paid to the construction environment, especially the drying treatment of the construction site.


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