Cut To Length

What should we do when the steel pipe before cutting?

1.To measure the steel pipe diameter.

2. To mark the steel pipe on the surface. To mark around the circumference of a pipe, especially when cutting with a handsaw.

3. To ensure cut as straight as possible by securing the pipe to keep the length from shifting out of place while cutting.

There are various reasons to influence the cutting effect. Such as tube, pipe material, wall thickness, the squareness of ends, end-conditioning requirements and secondary process requirements, etc. And other reasons include production volume, cutting efficiency, overhead costs, and special requirements of the tube or pipe material. To know these details, which should we choose the cutting ways? Here are the cutting ways to let you choose. 

1. Abrasive Cutting

Abrasive sawing is a basic, manual method of cutting-to-length product to the customer’s specification in any alloy.

2. Band Saw Cutting

The band saw cutting is a fully automatic process and the most common method for cutting rods, bars, pipes, and tubing. This process is excellent for large-volume cutting. Some band saws can handle large product bundles.

3. Cold Sawing

High-precision cold sawing is suitable for cutting smaller-diameter or thin-walled material that requires tight tolerances. A circular cold saw uses a wheel blade and cutting fluid, which usually is applied with a mist lubricator.

4. Laser Cutting

Despite the high capital cost, a laser cutting system provides a range of capabilities and associated advantages. Easily controlled with automation equipment (CNC), a laser allows an operator to cut, deburr, inspect, and even pack material while the laser runs continuously.

5. Lathe Cutting

Lathe cutting is ideal for thin-walled material, producing square cut ends with minimum burr. Multiple cross slides permit deburring or chamfering the OD of both ends during the lathe cutting process.

6. Shearing

A tube shear is a completely automatic, high-speed machine that uses two shearing plates and two ID punches under extreme pressure to cut tubing. The shearing action is the same for all sizes and wall thicknesses with maximum limits


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