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Difference between Galvanized Steel Pipe And Seamless Steel Tube

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1. Manufacturing process: Galvanized steel pipes are typically produced by rolling or stamping processes, which involve welding and coating steps to apply zinc. In contrast, seamless steel tubes are produced by metal forming and machining processes, such as rolling, forging, and threading.

2. Shape and appearance: Galvanized steel pipes typically have a round or oval shape and are characterized by corrugated or welded surfaces, which serve as a platform for zinc coating. Seamless steel tubes are usually cylindrical or tubular in shape and have smooth surfaces with minimal roughness.

3. Size and flexibility: Galvanized steel pipes may have varying wall thicknesses, which can affect their strength and flexibility. Seamless steel tubes, on the other hand, typically have a consistent wall thickness and are more rigid due to their precise manufacturing process.

4. Application: Galvanized steel pipes are commonly used in piping systems for water, gas, and other fluids due to their corrosion resistance and ease of installation. Seamless steel tubes are commonly used in industrial applications such as automotive components, machinery parts, and construction materials due to their high strength and precise dimensions.


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