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ERW, LSAW, SMLS, Cold Drawing Seamless Pipe Pipe Stock For Sale

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For Immediate Sale

In order to give back to our customers,

we sold some of our stock pipes at a very competitive price, all the following pipe are new with high quality,

and it can be ready for for immediate delivery.

ERW Stock List
No.Product NameStandardMaterialSpecificationLength (meters)Quantity (piece)(Ton)Tube Cap
1ERWAPI 5LQ235B406.4*965026.46Bevel tube cap
light pipe

LSAW Stock List
No.Product NameStandardMaterialSpecificationLength (meters)Quantity (piece)(Ton)
1LSAWAPI 5L PSL1CC60457*8121010.629
2LSAWAPI 5L PSL1CC60610*9.5312610.16
3LSAWAPI 5L PSL1CC60508*15.09121430.815


Cold Drawing Seamless Pipe Stock List
No.Product NameStandardMaterialSpecificationLength (meters)Quantity (piece)(Ton)Tube Cap
1Cold Drawing Seamless PipeAPI 5L PSL120#50.8*3.262004.58Flat pipe cap
black paint
2Cold Drawing Seamless PipeAPI 5L PSL120#63.5*3.261504.35Flat pipe cap
black paint

Seamless Steel Pipe Stock List
No.Product NameStandardMaterialOuter DiameterWall ThicknessLengthMeterPieceTonTube Cap
1SMLSEN-10210Q355D48.33.686-12m10001674.05Bevel pipe cap black paint
2SMLSEN-10210Q355D48.35.086-12m10001675.41Bevel pipe cap black paint
3SMLSEN-10210Q355D60.35.546-12m10001677.48Bevel pipe cap black paint
4SMLSEN-10210Q355D88.97.626-12m350595.35Bevel pipe cap black paint
5SMLSEN-10210Q355D114.38.566-12m350597.81Bevel pipe cap black paint
6SMLSEN-10210Q355D168.37.116-12m120203.39Bevel pipe cap black paint
7SMLSEN-10210Q355D168.310.986-12m120205.11Bevel pipe cap black paint
8SMLSEN-10210Q355D219.110.316-12m120206.37Bevel pipe cap black paint
9SMLSEN-10210Q355D2739.276-12m120207.24Bevel pipe cap black paint
10SMLSEN-10210Q355D27312.76-12m120209.78Bevel pipe cap black paint

430071962Bevel pipe cap black paint

Seamless Steel Pipe Stock List
No.Product NameStandard&MaterialOuter Wall ThicknessLength(mm)PieceKG
1SMLSA213 T2219.052.776189.7 32220
2SMLSA213 T2219.052.776260.6 33230
3SMLSA213 T2219.052.776340.4 33230
4SMLSA213 T2219.052.4136420.2 33210
5SMLSA213 T2219.052.4136500.0 33210
6SMLSA213 T2219.052.4136579.8 31200
7SMLSA213 T2219.052.4136659.6 31200
8SMLSA213 T2219.052.4136739.4 29190
9SMLSA213 T2219.052.4136819.2 27180
10SMLSA213 T2219.052.4136899.0 27180
11SMLSA213 T2219.052.4136978.8 25170
12SMLSA213 T2219.052.4137058.6 23160
13SMLSA213 T2219.052.4137138.3 21150
14SMLSA213 T2219.052.4137218.1 1390
15SMLSA213 T2219.052.4137297.9 1180
16SMLSA213 T2225.42.7712310.0 19360
17SMLSA213 T2225.42.7712380.0 20380
18SMLSA213 T2225.42.7712451.0 19370
19SMLSA213 T2225.42.7712522.0 17330
20SMLSA213 T2225.42.7712592.0 19370
21SMLSA213 T2225.42.7712663.0 18350
22SMLSA213 T2225.42.7712733.0 19370
23SMLSA213 T2225.42.7712804.0 18360
24SMLSA213 T2225.42.7712874.0 17340
25SMLSA213 T2225.42.7712945.0 16320
26SMLSA213 T2225.42.7713015.0 15300
27SMLSA213 T2225.42.7713086.0 16320
28SMLSA213 T2225.42.7713156.0 13260
29SMLSA213 T2225.42.7713227.0 14290
30SMLSA213 T2225.42.7713297.0 11230
31SMLSA213 T2225.42.7713368.0 9190
32SMLSA213 T1119.052.116000.0 950


1  - Packing : With safety package.

2 – All pipes are be inspection by third party inspection.

3 - All docs & certifications can be matched with per your request .

If you need more photos or MTC for these goods,

please feel free to contact us:


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