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ERW Pipe Process in Welding Machine

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ERW pipe process in welding machine is used to achieve high-frequency welding of electromechanical systems, high-frequency welding equipment is composed of high-frequency welding machine and pipe forming machine. One high-frequency welding machine generally by the high-frequency generator and feed device composed of two parts, its role is to produce high-frequency current and control it; molding machine by squeezing roller frame, its role is to be high-frequency current. The molten part of the extrusion to eliminate the oxide layer on the surface of the steel and impurities, so that the steel plate completely fused into one.

High-frequency generator

The past, the use of high-frequency welded pipe unit is a three-loop: high-frequency generating units; solid-state inverter; electronic high-frequency oscillator, and later basically improved to a single loop. There are many ways to adjust the output power of high-frequency oscillator, such as autotransformer, reactance method, thyristor method.

Feed device

This is for transmitting high-frequency current to the tube, including the electrode contacts, inductor and resistor. Contact welding generally wear-resistant copper tungsten electrode contacts, induction welding is used in the copper induction ring. The main component of the resistor is the magnetic core, its role is to increase the inductance of the tube surface, in order to reduce the ineffective current and improve the welding speed. Impedance of the ferrite core, requiring its curie temperature of not less than 310 °C, curie temperature is an important indicator of the core, the curie temperature higher, you can rely on the closer the weld, by the closer you get, the higher the welding efficiency.


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