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Epoxy anticorrosive steel pipe

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Epoxy anticorrosive steel pipe

1. Composition: steel pipe + coating

A. Steel pipes: seamless steel pipes, straight seam steel pipes, spiral steel pipes, and other steel pipes

B. Epoxy resin paint: a two-component, high-solid paint with epoxy resin as the main agent. It is divided into primer and topcoat. The first component is composed of epoxy resin, pigments, additives, and additives. Component B is a curing agent formulated with modified amines.

2. Demand

A. Varieties and grades of foreign epoxy resins

The most widely used variety in the world is bisphenol A epoxy, followed by brominated bisphenol A and phenolic epoxy. The production and use of other varieties are very small.

B. Domestic epoxy consumer product brands

There are only a few grades of bisphenol A type epoxy resin produced in China. According to statistics, the demand for epoxy resin in 1997 was about 110kt, the production volume was about 30kt, and the import volume was about 60kt. The domestic epoxy production varieties and brands are very single, mainly bisphenol A-type. Due to the poor quality of domestic epoxy, many high-demand occasions must import foreign high-quality epoxy, such as high-quality liquid epoxy, brominated epoxy, phenolic epoxy, etc.

3. Application

Epoxy resins are mainly used in the coating industry and the electronics industry. Epoxy for composite molding (mainly used in printed circuit boards in the electronics industry) accounted for a quarter. This product is a high-performance anticorrosive coating with a smooth, dense, and hard coating, strong adhesion, resistance to salt and alkali, seawater, soil microbial corrosion, and resistance to plant rhizome penetration. The composite use of paint and glass fiber cloth can enhance the mechanical properties of the anti-corrosion layer.


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