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How To Correctly Measure Square Tube Size?

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1. Measure the Outside Dimensions:

Use a measuring tape or a ruler to measure the outside width and height of the square tube. Place the measuring device at one end of the tube and extend it to the opposite end. Ensure that the measuring device is aligned perpendicular to the sides of the square tube for accurate measurements.

2. Determine the Wall Thickness:

Measure the thickness of the walls of the square tube. This can be done by using a caliper or a micrometer. Place the measuring device on one side of the wall, press it firmly against the surface, and note the measurement. Repeat this process on the opposite side of the wall. Calculate the average of these measurements to determine the wall thickness.

3. Calculate the Inside Dimensions:

To calculate the inside dimensions of the square tube, subtract twice the wall thickness from the outside dimensions measured in step 1. For example, if the outside width of the tube is 4 inches and the wall thickness is 0.25 inches, the inside width would be 4 - (2 x 0.25) = 3.5 inches. Repeat this calculation for the height of the tube.

It's important to note that square tubes are commonly referred to by their outside dimensions. So, if you need to order or specify a square tube, you would typically provide the outside width and height measurements along with the wall thickness.


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