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How to solve the "goose head bend" phenomenon of spiral steel pipe

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How to solve the "goose head bend" phenomenon of spiral steel pipe

If the large-diameter spiral steel pipe is processed to a certain length, bending will exist, and it is a phenomenon and situation that is often encountered in steel pipes. Large-diameter spiral steel pipe is due to unevenness along the length or this kind of bend at the bottom of the steel pipe, commonly known as "goose head bend".

The main causes of bending are caused by local water cooling during manual thermal inspection; improper adjustment during straightening and serious wear of straightening rollers; bending caused by lifting and transportation; improper sizing machining, assembly, and adjustment can also be caused.

For the large-diameter spiral steel pipe that has been bent, if the bending degree exceeds the standard, it can be re-straightened twice, but if it is a "goose-head bend" that cannot be straightened, it should be removed. In addition, in the production process of large-diameter spiral steel pipes, since several rollers cannot be very accurate in a straight line, it is easy to bend. The solution is to increase the number and distance of these rollers.


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