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Processing Technology of Seamless Casing Pipe Coupling

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1. Raw material selection: Choose high-quality steel materials with suitable chemical composition and mechanical properties for the production of seamless casing pipe coupling. Common materials include carbon steel, stainless steel, and alloy steel.

2. Hot rolling or cold drawing: Depending on the required specifications and dimensions, the raw material is processed through hot rolling or cold drawing to obtain the desired pipe blank.

3. Heat treatment: After rolling or drawing, the pipe blank undergoes heat treatment to improve its mechanical properties and reduce internal stresses. This process typically involves heating the pipe blank to a specific temperature, holding it for a certain period, and then cooling it down gradually.

4. Threading: The pipe blank is threaded according to the required specifications. This process involves cutting threads on the inner and/or outer surface of the pipe blank.

5. Flaring: To create a smooth transition between the pipe and the coupling, the pipe blank is flared at the ends. This process involves expanding the pipe blank radially to achieve a specific flare angle.

6. Finishing: The pipe coupling undergoes surface treatment to improve its corrosion resistance and appearance. Common finishes include painting, galvanizing, or electroplating.

7. Assembly: The finished pipe coupling is assembled with other components, such as gaskets and bolts, to create a complete piping system.

8. Quality inspection: Each pipe coupling is thoroughly inspected for defects, dimensional accuracy, and surface finish. Any defective products are repaired or discarded to ensure the quality of the final product.

9. Packaging and storage: The finished pipe coupling is properly packaged and stored to prevent damage during transportation and storage.

10. Delivery and installation: The pipe coupling is delivered to the customer and installed in the piping system according to the project's requirements.


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