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Production Process of Seamless Steel Pipe

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1. Billet preparation: The raw material, usually a solid round billet, is inspected for any defects and surface imperfections, and then heated to the required temperature for forming.

2. Piercing and rolling: The heated billet is pierced to create a hollow shell, and then it is rolled to the desired outer diameter and wall thickness.

3. Sizing and cooling: After the initial rolling, the pipe is further rolled and sized to achieve the final dimensions, and then it is cooled to room temperature.

4. Straightening and inspection: The cooled pipe is straightened to remove any deformations, and it undergoes various inspections and tests to ensure quality and conformity to standards.

5. Cutting and finishing: The seamless steel pipe is cut to the required length and then undergoes surface treatment, such as pickling or coating, to protect against corrosion.

6. Final inspection and packaging: The finished seamless steel pipe is thoroughly inspected for any defects, and then it is packaged and prepared for shipment to the customer.


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