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Rust Protection of Spiral Steel Pipe

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As the individual quality of spiral steel pipe is relatively large, it must be stacked in the outdoors, but it will be difficult to avoid the sun and rain, so the problem has been plagued with rust spiral pipe storage time and conditions. Therefore, we need to conduct a comprehensive understanding of the spiral steel pipe rust prevention.

The main use of steel wire brush and other tools on the steel surface grinding, spiral steel pipe cleaning and preheating can be removed loose or tilt of the oxide, rust, welding slag and so on. Hand tools to achieve rust Sa2 level, power tools rust can be achieved Sa3 level, if the steel surface attached to a solid oxide scale, tool rust effect is not ideal, less than anti-corrosion construction requirements of the depth of the anchor pattern. Pickling

The use of solvents, emulsion cleaning low pressure fluid delivery welded steel pipe surface, in order to achieve the removal of oil, grease, dust, lubricants and similar organic matter, but it can not remove steel surface rust, oxide, welding, Anti-corrosion production only as an auxiliary means.

General use of chemical and electrolytic two ways to do pickling treatment, pipeline corrosion only chemical pickling, can remove the oxide, rust, old coating, and sometimes can be used as a reprocessing after blasting. Chemical cleaning can make the surface to a certain degree of cleanliness and roughness, but its anchor profile shallow, but also easy to spiral steel pipe stacking environment pollution.

Reasonable use of means to clean the rust pipe fittings to ensure that a long time to serve the production and create more production efficiency.


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