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Selection of anticorrosive coatings​ for steel pipes

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Selection of anticorrosive coatings for steel pipes

There are many types of anti-corrosion coatings, and their properties and uses are different. The correct selection is very important to the anti-corrosion effect and service life of the coating. When choosing:

1. The nature of the surface material of the coated object

For example, iron red and red lead primers can be selected for ferrous metals, and red lead primers not only can't protect aluminum and other non-ferrous metals but will have a destructive effect.

2. The use environment of the coated object

Anti-corrosion coatings are highly pertinent to the environment, and the most suitable coatings should be selected according to the specific use environment, such as the type of medium, concentration, temperature, and equipment operation conditions.

3. Construction conditions

Appropriate paint varieties should be selected according to the actual conditions of the construction site. If the construction is on-site with poor ventilation, it is advisable to use solvent-free or high-solid, or water-based anti-corrosion paint. Only self-drying paints can be used on sites where baking and drying are not available.

4. Comprehensive effect of technology and economy

It is not only necessary to consider whether the technical performance is excellent, but also to consider the rationality of the economy. When conducting economic calculations, comprehensive consideration should be given to material costs, surface treatment costs, construction costs, coating performance and service life, and maintenance costs.