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Steel pipeline cleaning

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After completing the purchase, the general buyer inspects and cleans the steel pipeline. The purpose of destruction is:

1. To check the quality of pipeline products.

2. Cleaning the inside of the pipe.

3. To clear all events in the pipeline to react with the passing material.

The important part of pipeline cleaning, what are the methods used for pipeline cleaning?

A. Winch dredging

First, check the pipelines that need to be cleared with bamboo chips, and then use the winch at the end of the pipeline to reciprocate the wire rope to push the deposits into the good inspection well by the clearing tool. The winch is manual, motorized, electric, etc., and there are many cleaning tools. Kind, according to the pipe diameter size and user needs to choose.

B. Water scouring and dredging

This method is a blocking method. By inspecting the pipeline in the water tank beside the well, due to the limitation of the size of the wellhead, the method of adjusting the whole spring pipeline of the device is generally adopted. After the device is assembled, it is transferred to a certain location, and the storage in the sewage tank in the pipeline is used by the device. When the water level reaches a certain level, the water is released, and the water flow of the pumping storage device is used to flush the sludge in the pipeline.

C. High-pressure water jet dredging

Water jet injection, using a high-pressure water jet vehicle equipped with a large water tank, motorized hose reel, high-pressure water pump, high-pressure water jet nozzle, etc. The reaction force generated by the post jet makes the water jet nozzle and the glue move in the opposite direction together, and at the same time cleans the pipe wall; when the jet nozzle reaches the straightening mirror well, the motorized winch will spray the advantage, and the water jet nozzle will continue to spray the water to absorb the remaining sediment. The mud inspection well is sucked away by the mud suction truck.

Therefore, in projects, high-pressure water jets are often chosen to dredge. Its advantages lies in

1. Select the pressure that the pressure does not, and the high-pressure water jet destroys the information of the equipment to be cleaned;

2. Using ordinary water to wash and clean, will not pollute the environment, will not corrode the equipment, will not cause any mechanical damage, and can also remove special stains that are difficult to dissolve in chemical cleaning;

3. The cleaned equipment and parts do not need to be cleaned;

4. Capable of capturing positioning and positioning with complex structures, and aiming in a narrow space with complex, distorted and sharp environments;

5. It is easy to realize mechanization, automation and digital control;

6. Energy saving, high efficiency and low cost.


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