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Technical Standards for Precision Seamless Hydraulic Tubes

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1. Dimensions and tolerances: The precise dimensions and tolerances of the tube should be consistent with the requirements of the application.

2. Material: The material used for the tube should meet the requirements of the application, such as strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and temperature resistance.

3. Quality assurance: The manufacturing process should be controlled to ensure consistent quality throughout the production process. This includes checking the surface finish, internal and external diameters, and other critical parameters.

4. Test methods: Proper testing methods should be used to ensure that the tube meets the required specifications and performance standards. These may include pressure testing, leak testing, and other quality assurance tests.

5. Certification: The tube should be certified to meet the required standards and specifications by a recognized certification body. This certification ensures that the tube meets the required quality and performance standards.


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