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Three Common Methods To Measure The Length of Spiral Welded Steel Pipes

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1. Measuring Tape or Ruler:

One of the simplest methods to measure the length of a spiral welded steel pipe is to use a measuring tape or a ruler. This involves physically wrapping the tape or ruler around the circumference of the pipe at the desired location and then extending it to the full length of the pipe. For accuracy, this method should be done at multiple points along the pipe and then the average length calculated.

2. Laser Distance Measurer:

A laser distance measurer, also known as a laser tape or laser measure, uses laser technology to accurately measure distances. This device can be pointed at the pipe from a distance and will provide a digital readout of the length. This method is quick, precise, and does not require physical contact with the pipe.

3. Pipe Thread Gauges:

For spiral welded steel pipes with threads, calibrated thread gauges can be used to measure the length. These gauges are inserted into the threads and matched against a scale that provides the precise measurement. This method is specific to pipes with threads and ensures accurate measurement of the thread length, which can be important for proper fitting and sealing.

It's important to note that when measuring spiral welded steel pipes one must consider the orientation of the pipe because the spiral seam can affect the overall length. The measuring tools should be used correctly and aligned with the longest axis of the to ensure the most accurate measurement.


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