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Water-Related Infrastructure

Water-Related Infrastructure

Project name: Water-Related Infrastructure

Product: Welded stainless steel pipe, Seamless steel pipe

Size: ASTM A312 SS304 SS316, API 5L X65 PSL2

Cost:  $1 Million

Country: Mexico

With the winter season approaching, Austin Water has completed important repairs and continues to take steps to prepare its three water treatment plants for potential freezing temperatures.

Drawing from recommendations in the Water Winter Storm Uri After Action Report

Water treatment plants that sustained storm damage during Winter Storm Uri such as broken pipes, valves, basins, and impacts to chemical feed systems have been repaired. Insulation to protect exposed piping has also been installed at these facilities.

Winter weather supplies are on hand at all water treatment plants to assist with transportation challenges during icy conditions. These supplies are ready-to-go, and include heaters, sand, deicing fluid and other supplies.

Safety supplies are also in place, including boot spikes for walking on icy surfaces and tire chains for vehicles, as well as cots, ready to eat meals, and other supplies for staff who will remain at the plants around the clock during extreme weather events.


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