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What is the difference between the oil casing and oil drill pipe

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From the appearance point of view, there are two differences between oil casing and oil drill pipe:

1. The usage of products

2. The material of products


As we know, the oil casing is a steel pipe used to support the wall of oil and gas wells. Its function is to ensure the normal operation of the entire oil well after the drilling process and completion. Each well uses several layers of the casing according to different drilling depths and geological conditions. Cement is used to cement the casing after it goes down the well, so it is different from tubing and oil drill pipe in that the oil casing cannot be reused and is a one-time consumable material.

Petroleum casing pipes are classified according to their usage: pipes, surface casings, technical casings, and oil layer casings.


However, it is an oil drill pipe, a rod connected to a drilling tool to transmit power. Its usual components are drill bit, drill collar, drill pipe, stabilizer, special joint, and kelly. The basic functions of oil drill pipes are: (1) start the drill bit; (2) apply weight on the bit; (3) transmit power; (4) transport drilling fluid; (5) perform special operations: squeeze cement, deal with underground accidents, etc.

API standard E75 to S135 steel grade, series of petroleum drill pipes with an outer diameter from 2 3/8" to 6 5/8", double shoulder joint drill pipes with high torsion resistance, and special steel for sulfur-containing oil wells Grade BNK C95S drill pipe. It is mainly suitable for the construction of deep wells, horizontal wells, and extended reach wells in the process of oil and gas exploration and development.


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