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A Brief Introduction And Uses of Boiler Steel Pipes

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A brief introduction to boiler steel pipes: Boiler steel pipes refer to steel materials that are open at both ends and have hollow sections with a large length relative to the surrounding area. According to the production method, they can be divided into seamless steel pipes and welded steel pipes. The specifications of the steel pipes are determined by the outer dimensions (such as the outer diameter). diameter or side length) and wall thickness and its size range is very wide, from capillary tubes with very small diameters to large-diameter tubes with diameters of several meters. Steel pipes can be used in pipelines, thermal equipment, the machinery industry, petroleum geological exploration, containers, the chemical industry, and special purposes.

Boiler steel pipe uses:
①General boiler steel pipes are mainly used to make water wall pipes, boiling water pipes, superheated steam pipes, superheated steam pipes for locomotive boilers, large and small smoke pipes arch brick pipes, etc.
② High-pressure boiler steel pipes are mainly used to manufacture superheater tubes, reheater tubes, air guide tubes, main steam pipes, etc. for high-pressure and ultra-high-pressure boilers. The supply and demand trend in the high-pressure boiler steel pipe industry is generally stable, but the supply and demand situation in each specific sub-industry will further differentiate. Industry insiders pointed out that the most critical link is the use and promotion of new energy-saving and insulated 20g high-pressure boiler steel pipe equipment.

New energy-saving 20g high-pressure boiler steel pipe products are gradually increasing in the market, such as green and environmentally friendly coatings, energy-saving and water-saving bathroom products, environmentally friendly stone, environmentally friendly external cement foam insulation boards, etc. Energy-saving and environmentally friendly products have a broad market in the 20g high-pressure boiler steel pipe industry. The medium-term prospects are promising.


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