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Application fields of large diameter plastic coated steel pipes

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Large-diameter plastic-coated steel pipes are mainly made of spiral steel pipes or seamless steel pipes as the base material. It is not recommended to use straight seam welded pipes. Straight seam welded pipes are generally not as good at bearing pressure as spiral steel pipes, and the cost is higher than spiral steel pipes. Therefore, For large-diameter plastic-coated steel pipes, it is recommended to use spiral steel pipes as the base material, and seamless steel pipes are used when the needs are high.

Large-diameter plastic-coated steel pipes are mainly used in HVAC, municipal, industrial, sewage, and other fields. In the HVAC and municipal fields, large-diameter plastic-coated steel pipes solve the problems that ordinary steel pipes have such as easy rusting, easy scaling, and easy pollution. Moreover, the service life of large-diameter plastic-coated steel pipes is 5-10 times longer than that of normal steel pipes, which greatly reduces the maintenance costs after pre-installation and pre-embedding of the pipelines, as well as the costs of reinstallation and replacement after the service life has expired.

In the fields of industry, sewage discharge, and other fields, the substances usually discharged and transported have a certain pH. Under the effect of long-term oxidation, the corrosion rate of steel pipes is usually dozens of times faster than the normal rate. The cost of large-diameter steel pipes is very high, and rapid corrosion causes costs to soar. Can not achieve the expected effect, because of small losses. By using large-diameter plastic-coated steel pipes, the pressure of the pipe itself is not reduced, and the pipe's resistance to pH corrosion and long-term oxidation in the air is reduced to almost zero.

Therefore, the service life of the pipeline has been increased from a few years to decades. The useful life has increased tenfold, but the cost is about the same.

Large-diameter plastic-coated steel pipes have won the favor of a large number of users in HVAC, municipal, industrial, sewage, and other fields with their excellent performance, high-cost performance, energy saving, environmental protection, cleaning safety, and other advantages.


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