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Application of Spiral Steel Pipes in Urban Pipelines

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Spiral steel pipe is usually used in urban drainage pipes. The use of spiral steel pipes in urban drainage pipe systems is the comprehensive arrangement of urban water supply, water supply, water, drainage, sewage treatment, and other piping systems and their various components within a certain period. The overall balance of urban water pipeline planning is essential, and various feasible water-saving and water-delivery schemes must be optimized and combined. To this end, we must first understand the urban water use plan, strengthen the special water use plan in the overall urban planning, and prepare the urban water use plan by the sustainable development concept of water. The content should include: surface water, groundwater, rainwater, and seawater, resource balance, water supply, drainage, and sewage reuse; water supply and water saving plans and sewage treatment and recycling plans; water ecological cycle planning; various water supply and drainage pipeline engineering facilities scale and layout.

For the uncoordinated planning, unmatched construction, and inconsistent management that commonly exist in the construction of urban water supply and drainage pipeline systems in my country, special attention should be paid to the coordinated development of pipeline matching and water supply and drainage. The planned processing capacity and the scale of the internal water supply pipeline system and its network facilities during the planning period should be a detailed layout and operation management plan.

The design of the spiral steel pipe in the drainage pipeline should meet the requirements of the regional and urban master planning, and fully consider the scalability of the system. In the design, the convenience of maintenance and repair of the water system should also be considered, and the pipeline should be as short and efficient as possible.

The spiral steel pipe is a spiral steel pipe made of strip steel or coiled into a spiral shape, and the internal and external joints are automatically welded by the double-sided submerged arc. Due to the following reasons, it can be widely used in the production of water, electricity, chemical industry, and other industries. It only needs to change the forming angle to produce steel pipes of various diameters with the same strip width, and it is easy to adjust.

Since continuous twists and turns form it, the length of the spiral tube is not limited, and the size can be set at will. The spiral shape of the weld seam is evenly distributed on the circumference of the spiral tube, so the spiral tube has high dimensional accuracy and strength. Easy to change scale, suitable for small batch production and various types of spiral tubes.

Generally, the weld seam of the spiral steel pipe is longer than that of the straight seam steel pipe of the same standard, and the pressure on the spiral steel pipe is the highest under the wall thickness of the same standard.

To adapt to modern production requirements, the production time of spiral steel pipes has become shorter and shorter, and the production price has become lower and lower, so spiral steel pipes have gradually replaced the use of channel steel.


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