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Application Scope And Adaptability Conditions of Plastic-coated Steel Pipes

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Application scope of plastic coated steel pipe
(1) Coal mine system
Pipe networks for underground mine water supply and drainage, fire sprinklers, underground shotcrete, positive and negative pressure ventilation, and gas drainage.
(2) Heating network water delivery system
Underground heating network water delivery, hot and cold circulating water system
(3) Municipal system
Anti-corrosion pipelines for building water supply, natural gas, seawater transportation, sewage drainage, and other pipelines.
(4) Industrial chemicals
Corrosive medium transportation in petrochemical, non-ferrous metal smelting, coking, light industry, and other industries.
(5) Protection engineering
Buried cable protection pipe, fire sprinkler pipe system, sports field, and kindergarten guardrail project
(6) Other anti-corrosion pipes suitable for this product

Adaptation conditions for plastic-coated steel pipes
1. Adapt to buried and humid environments, and can withstand high and extremely low temperatures.
2. It has strong anti-interference ability. If the plastic-coated steel pipe is used as a cable sleeve, it can effectively shield external signal interference.
3. Good pressure-bearing strength, the pressure can reach 6mpa.
4. Good insulation performance, as a protective tube for wires, leakage will never occur.
5. No burrs, smooth pipe wall, suitable for threading wires or cables during construction.


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