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Application Status of Laser Cutting Slotted Casing

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In the oil drilling and production operation, the slotted casing is an important piece of equipment, and it is often used for early completion or oil production and sand control. At present, the most commonly used slotted casing is the wire-wound screen. The manufacturing method of this slotted casing is as follows: winding a steel wire of a certain section on the metal liner tube evenly distributed on the surrounding screen rods or openings and welding it firmly, and leaving a certain gap as the screen hole. Although this manufacturing method has been used by many domestic manufacturers, this screen has some problems when it goes down, especially when the strong pressure passes through the curved section of a highly deviated well or a horizontal well, it will inevitably be connected with the well wall or casing. When the pipe collides, squeezes, and rubs, it is prone to the phenomenon of wire disorder, causing damage to the screen or deformation of the gap, resulting in the reduction or failure of the completion quality and sand control effect. The slit screen appeared. Due to its superior performance and low price, the slotted pipe has been highly valued and widely used in major oil fields as soon as it appeared. It can be seen that the appearance of slotted pipes provides material conditions for the development of horizontal wells and sidetracking drilling and the oil exploitation of high sand reservoirs.


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