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Characteristics of oil slotted casing

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1. The oil slotted casing is made of a J55 or N80 oil casing body, which has high strength and is not easy to deform

2. The verticality of the cutting edge is good, the cutting edge is smooth, with no burr, and the cutting is even.

3. Large flow area, 27/8" slotted casing tube with 300 slits/1.5m, the flow area of 72 per cubic centimeter, 2.4 times larger than the flow area of the same specification oil pipe. It is conducive to liquid flow.

4. The advantages of using it in inclined wells and horizontal wells are more obvious.

5. Anti-corrosion treatment is carried out as a whole to form a dense protective layer on each surface of the oil slotted casing, which improves the corrosion resistance and wears resistance of the oil slotted casing, and can effectively prolong the life of its underground work.

6. It is suitable for sand control in sand production wells with sand production particle size greater than 0.3mm.

7. Simple operation, easy to use, large inner diameter, easy to configure the pipe string