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Characteristics of Submerged Arc Steel Pipe

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1. The welding process used for submerged arc steel pipes is submerged arc welding technology, using filler welding and particle protective flux submerged arc.

2. The production technology of submerged arc steel pipes includes JCOE forming technology and roll forming submerged arc welding technology. When the diameter is large, two steel plates may be used for rolling, which will form a double weld.

3. The standards that submerged arc steel pipes can implement are GB/T3091-2008 low-pressure fluid steel pipe production standards, GB/T9711.1-2-1997 petroleum gas steel pipe production and use standards, and API5L pipeline steel pipe implementation standards.

4. The materials of submerged arc steel pipes are Q195A-Q345E; 245R; Q345QA-D; L245-L485; and X42-X70. The pressure-bearing parameters mainly include 2ST/T, S is the yield strength, and T is the wall thickness.

5. Submerged arc welding has now developed into double-wire submerged arc welding and multi-wire submerged arc welding, and the efficiency has been further improved. It is widely used in steel structures, piling, fluid transportation, long-distance pipelines, etc.


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