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Classification and anticorrosion of oil casing

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Oil casing can be roughly divided into
1. Surface casing.
2. The middle casing.
3. Production casing.
4. Drilling casing.
The surface casing is mainly to suspend and support the subsequent layers of the casing through the casing head installed on the top. Another is to isolate the surface shallow water layer from the front complex formation to protect the drilling from the pollution of the shallow water layer. The intermediate casing or technical casing is used to isolate formations with different formation pressures or complex formations that are prone to collapse and water leakage. The production casing is used to protect the production layer, and it also provides the channel for the transportation of oil and gas from the production layer to the surface. Drilling liner is used to reduce the drilling rig load after production and the load after casing during casing and cementing, save casing and cement, and reduce the cost of cementing. In the use of industries and fields, oil casing has played an important role and has good performance.

The anti-corrosion of oil casing is mainly divided into:
1. Brush the anti-corrosion coating on the outer wall.
2. Brush the anti-corrosion coating on the inner wall.
3. Apply anti-corrosion and cooling coating.
With the use of oil casings in the polar and ocean, etc., the harsh oil extraction industry. It is required that the material and structure of the oil casing must have good node properties, excellent physical properties, stable chemical properties, and a wide range of temperature adaptations. If the oil casing can't do it, it should be coated with an anti-corrosion coating. To help him cope with the harsh use environment. Brushing the coating on the outer wall is used to reduce the erosion of the outside world. The anti-corrosion coating on the inner wall is to reduce friction, reduces corrosion in the pipe, and increases oil delivery. The anti-corrosion and thermal insulation coating is used to transport crude oil and fuel oil and reduce heat dissipation from pipelines to the soil.


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