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Coating Materials for Plastic-coated Steel Pipes for Water Supply

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In the construction of water supply pipelines, plastic-coated steel pipes are widely used because of their good corrosion resistance and long service life. As an important component, coating materials play an important role in protecting steel pipes and extending their service life. The following will introduce several commonly used coating materials for plastic-coated steel pipes for water supply:

1. Polyethylene coating.
Polyethylene coating has good corrosion resistance and waterproof performance, can effectively resist the erosion of moisture and chemical substances, and is not prone to oxidation reactions. In addition, the polyethylene coating has good wear and impact resistance, can adapt to harsh environments, and prolongs the service life of steel pipes.
2. PVC coating.
The PVC coating of plastic-coated steel pipes for water supply has excellent corrosion resistance and high-temperature resistance and can resist the erosion of strong acids, strong alkali, and high-temperature media. At the same time, the PVC coating has high wear resistance and pressure resistance, can resist external impact and pressure, and maintains the integrity and stability of the steel pipe.
3. Epoxy coating.
Epoxy coating has excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance, which can effectively prevent the steel pipe from coming into contact with the external environment and reduce the occurrence of oxidation reactions. The epoxy coating also has high friction resistance and pressure resistance and can withstand external impact and pressure, making the steel pipe more stable and reliable during use.
4. Polyolefin coating.
Polyolefin coating has good corrosion and wear resistance, can effectively resist the erosion of chemical substances and friction loss, and is not prone to oxidation reactions.


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