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Complete Specifications of H-beam Steel

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1. Introduction to H-beam steel
H-beam, also known as I-beam, is an economical profile with a more optimized cross-sectional area distribution and a more reasonable strength-to-weight ratio. It is named after its cross-sectional shape is similar to the letter "H". The two outer edges of the H-beam steel have no slope on the inside and are straight. This makes the H-beam steel more convenient when welding and splicing, and can effectively improve the quality of the project and the safety of the building structure.

2. Specifications of H-beam steel
Representation method The specification method of H-beam steel is usually expressed in the form of height (h) × width (b) × thickness (d). For example: H100×100×6×8, which means that the height of the H-beam steel is 100mm and the width is 100mm. The web thickness is 6mm and the flange thickness is 8mm.

3. Specification classification of H-beam steel
H-beam steel has a wide range of specifications and can be divided into multiple grades according to different standards. Generally speaking, H-beam steel can be divided into two types: ordinary type and light type. The ratio of flange thickness to web thickness of ordinary H-beam steel is greater than 2.5; the ratio of flange thickness to web thickness of light H-beam steel is less than or equal to 2.5.

4. Specification selection of H-beam steel
When selecting H-beam steel specifications, it needs to be determined based on actual engineering needs and stress conditions. First, determine the height of the H-beam steel. Generally speaking, the height selection should be determined based on the span, load, etc. of the beam. Secondly, the width of the H-beam steel must be selected. The selection of the width is mainly determined according to the stress condition of the beam and the needs of the building structure. Finally, the thickness of the H-beam steel must be selected. The thickness selection must be determined based on the stress of the beam and the strength grade of the steel.

5. Complete specifications of H-beam steel
The following are some common H-beam specifications for your reference:
1. H100×100×6×8
2. H125×125×8×10
3. H150×150×10×12
4. H175×175×12×14
5. H200×200×14×16
6. H225×225×16×18
7. H250×250×18×20
8. H275×275×20×22
9. H300×300×22×24
10. H325×325×24×26
11. H350×350×26×28
12. H375×375×28×30
13. H400×400×30×32
14. H425×425×32×34
15. H450×450×34×36

Understanding the specifications of H-beam steel and its selection method is of great significance for us in choosing appropriate H-beam steel in the fields of construction, bridges, machinery, and other fields. In practical applications, we need to select appropriate H-beam steel specifications based on project needs and stress conditions to ensure project quality and the safety of the building structure.


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