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Construction Technology of Indoor Thin-wall Stainless Steel Water Supply Pipeline

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Construction Technology of Indoor Thin-wall Stainless Steel Water Supply Pipeline

(1) Process flow Installation preparation → prefabrication processing → main pipe installation → riser pipe installation → branch pipe installation → pipeline pressure test → pipeline flushing → anti-corrosion (heat preservation) → commissioning

(2) Preparation for installation

1. Familiarize yourself with the drawings (including pipeline drawings, related equipment drawings, and architectural and decoration drawings), and check whether the coordinate elevations of various pipelines intersect and whether the arrangement spacing of the pipelines is reasonable. If there are any problems, please study and solve them with the designer in time, and do it well. Contact form.

2. According to the direction of the pipeline in the drawing, draw out the position where the casing and iron need to be embedded and cooperate with civil engineering to carry out the bracket, the casing pre-embedding, and the hole reservation. When pre-buying, check the position and elevation. After the civil engineering is poured concrete Check again to prevent the casing and reserved holes from loosening and deviating when the floor is poured.

3. Surveying and mapping the installation site, according to the given elevation of the civil construction, surveying and mapping the direction, elevation, slope, etc. of the pipeline, marking the pipe diameter, valve, and other positions, and drawing a surveying and mapping sketch.

4. Purchasing materials and equipment according to the budget, and prefabricating pipe fittings and racks according to the surveying and mapping drawings.

(3) Thin-walled stainless steel pipes are required for prefabrication, processing, and installation of pipelines: the water supply pipes of this project are connected by annular compression of thin-walled stainless steel pipes. The material and thickness of the pipes shall comply with national standards.

1. Process flow: The port of the stainless steel pipe press fitting has an annular U-shaped groove with an O-ring inside. When installing, use a special clamping tool to reduce the diameter of the convex part of the U-shaped groove, and the socket part of the thin-walled stainless steel pipe, water pipe, and pipe fittings clamped in a ring shape. Construction process: installation preparation → ring compression connection → pipeline test → quality inspection → finished product protection

2 Installation preparation

2.1 Use a special scriber to draw a marking line at the end of the tube to confirm the insertion length of the tube. Avoiding water leakage after the actual insertion length is insufficient due to prolapse. Insertion length reference value Nominal diameter mm 15 20 25 32 40 50 65 Insertion length reference value mm 21 24 39 47 52 64

2.2 After the water pipe is cut off, no eversion burrs are allowed, so as to avoid the rubber sealing ring being scratched by the water pipe inserted into the fitting during installation, resulting in water leakage after pressing.

2.3 Before the water pipe is inserted into the fitting, the length of the water pipe must be determined and marked, and the O-ring seal must be installed in the correct position.

2.4 If the water pipe is inserted into the fittings too tightly, grease should not be used for lubrication, so as to avoid the grease deforming the rubber sealing ring, causing the compression failure and water leakage (can be lubricated with clean water).

2.5 Insert the pipe vertically into the compression pipe fitting, and do not skew it, so as to avoid water leakage caused by cutting or falling off of the O-ring. After inserting, immediately confirm the distance between the marked line drawn on the tube and the end. When the nominal diameter is 15-25mm, it is 3mm; when the nominal diameter is 32-65mm, it is 5mm.


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