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Heated Physical Deformation of Welded Steel Pipe

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Longitudinal seam steel pipe welded steel pipe is heated and physically deformed. If a straight seam welded steel is welded, the data size can be reduced to a large extent. The demand for the straight seam steel pipe project is high, and the external seam welding starts to ensure the penetration of the large straight seam welded steel pipe, the beauty of the straight seam steel pipe weld, and the continuous linearity of the straight seam steel pipe weld. In the case of severe steel corrosion, the edges should be cleaned strictly, and the weld shape should be controlled to ensure the weld shape. Storage and transportation conditions of steel plates have an important impact on the welding of steel pipes. Severe corrosion of steel plates in the open air is inevitable and will have a significant impact on the product.

Steel pipes can also be superimposed. On the other hand, the lateral restraint force is added from adjacent steel pipes; secondly, it is supported by the following, fixed block steel pipe support. From the above analysis, the static accumulation of steel pipe under gravity is mainly due to the action of three forces: the steel pipe support of the upper steel pipe fixing block and the horizontal binding; but during the transportation process, the steel pipe stress distribution changes in a larger dynamic load. On the one hand, the steel pipe D/t (steel pipe diameter D, t steel pipe wall thickness) is relatively large, and the piled steel pipes at the bottom of the engine room have relatively complex stresses. The horizontal direction has been affected by the binding of adjacent pipes. The longitudinal steel pipes are in dead weight and fixed blocks. It also accumulates the combined effect of the gravitational force of the rods on the stack, so that the horizontal and vertical cross-section of the tube may be warped and deformed. If the steel pipe is shipped, the shorter dimension is lowered by mistake, then the higher requirements on the top and adjacent penstocks.


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