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How to clean straight seam steel pipe

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Straight seam steel pipe is not only used for conveying fluids and powdered solids, exchanging heat energy, manufacturing machinery parts and containers, but also an economical steel. Using steel pipes to make building structure grids, pillars, and mechanical supports can reduce weight and save 20 to 40% of metal, and can realize factory mechanized construction. Using steel pipes to manufacture highway bridges can not only save steel and simplify construction but also greatly reduce the area of protective coatings, saving investment and maintenance costs. How to clean straight seam steel pipe?

(1) We can use solvents or emulsions to clean the surface of the steel pipe. This method is very effective for oil and grease or dust and other organic substances on the surface of the steel pipe.

(2) For the rust on the surface of the steel pipe, we can use a wire brush and other things to polish the surface of the steel pipe, to achieve the purpose of rust removal.

(3) The method of spraying can also be used. This method can not only clean up all rust, oxides, and dirt but also achieve the required average under the fierce impact of abrasives and the effect of friction. roughness

Now straight seam steel pipes are widely used, but rust will inevitably occur in the process of using steel pipes. The rusted steel pipe will affect its normal use, so if there is rust on the steel pipe, it needs to be cleaned up in time.


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