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How to clean the dirt in the steel pipe

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Internal cleaning method of steel pipeline 1. Chemical cleaning

a chemical cleaning pipeline is the use of chemical agents to temporarily transform the pipeline. Temporary pipelines and circulating pump stations can be used to perform circular chemical cleaning from both ends of the pipeline. It has strong flexibility and no requirement on the shape of the pipeline and has the characteristics of fast speed and thorough cleaning. There are two types of traditional chemical methods for cleaning ash pipes: cycle cleaning and open circuit cleaning. Circular cleaning is to use two original parallel ash discharge pipelines to form a loop to form a circulation system with the cleaning pump station, add a certain concentration of acid and corrosion inhibitors for circular cleaning, and when the acidity drops to a certain level, it is necessary to continuously add acid.

If two ash pipes cannot form a loop during cleaning, only a single ash pipe can be used for open circuit cleaning. The method is to connect one end of the ash pipe to the cleaning pump station, continuously prepare a certain concentration of the acid solution in the liquid distribution tank and add corrosion inhibitor, etc., and inject it into the ash pipe continuously or intermittently. Because the scale reacts with the acid to produce a large amount of gas, which will accumulate at the high point of the pipeline loop or the upper part of the pipeline the scale in the pipe cannot fully contact with the cleaning solution to react. Therefore, when cleaning, it is necessary to add some exhaust valves at the high position of the pipeline and exhaust them immediately. However, because the pipeline is very long, it is often difficult to drain it. After cleaning, there is still a small amount of residual dirt on the upper part of the pipeline, and sometimes the top of the pipeline will collapse due to too much residual dirt, causing a serious accident of pipe plugging. Therefore, the most prominent problem of the traditional chemical method for cleaning the ash discharge pipeline is how to eliminate air resistance and prevent collapse.

Steel pipeline cleaning method 2. High-pressure water cleaning

Use a high-pressure water flow above 50Mpa to strip and clean the dirt on the inner surface of the pipeline. It is mainly used for short-distance pipelines, and the diameter of the pipeline must be greater than 50cm. The technology has the characteristics of high speed and low cost.

Steel pipeline cleaning method three, PIG pigging

PIG industrial pigging technology relies on the driving force generated by the pump to drive the fluid to drive the PIG (pipe pig) forward in the pipe and discharge the dirt accumulated in the pipeline out of the pipe, to achieve the purpose of cleaning. This technology is widely used in cleaning projects such as various process pipelines, oil field oil, steam pipelines, etc. It is a pipeline cleaning for long-distance fluid transportation, which cannot be replaced by other technologies.


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