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How to connect galvanized steel pipes

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The connection of galvanized steel pipes is the most common in construction projects or energy projects. To better ensure the connection of galvanized steel pipes, we will list the most common centralized galvanized steel pipe connection methods, hoping to help everyone.

1. Connection by a rolling groove.

Roll groove weld cracking:

① Smooth the inner wall welding rib of the pressure groove part of the nozzle to reduce the rolling groove resistance;

② Adjust the axis of the steel pipe and the rolling groove equipment, and require the steel pipe and the rolling groove equipment to be level;

③Adjust the pressure groove speed, the pressure groove forming time should not exceed the specified time and apply force evenly and slowly.

Roll grooved steel pipe fracture:

① Flatten the inner wall of the pressure groove part of the steel pipe nozzle to reduce the rolling groove resistance;

② Adjust the axis of the steel pipe and the rolling groove equipment, and require the steel pipe and the rolling groove equipment to be level;

③ Adjust the grooving speed, the grooving speed should not exceed the regulations, and apply force evenly and slowly;

④ Check the width and model of the support roller and the pressure roller of the rolling groove equipment, whether there is a bite phenomenon caused by the mismatch of the size of the two rollers;

⑤ Use a vernier caliper to check whether the groove of the steel pipe is specified.

The grooves formed by the rolling groove machine should meet the following requirements:

①The surface from the pipe end to the groove section should be flat without unevenness and rolling marks;

②The center of the groove should be concentric with the pipe wall, the width and depth of the groove should meet the requirements, and check whether the model of the clamp is correct;

③ Apply lubricant on the rubber sealing ring and check whether the rubber sealing ring is damaged. The lubricant must not be an oil lubricant.

2. Welding connection

①The galvanized steel pipe joint is not in a straight line and the steel pipe has an inclined mouth after the butt joint. It is recommended to cut off a small section of the pipe head before processing;

② After the galvanized steel pipe nozzles are connected, the two nozzles are not tightly connected, resulting in an uneven thickness of the welded joints, and the steel pipe is oval due to its reasons or transportation bumps. to process;

③After the nozzle of the galvanized steel pipe is butted, blisters appear at the nozzle, which is caused by technical reasons during welding;

④ There are zinc nodules at the nozzle, which cause welding difficulties and trachoma problems. Simple zinc nodule removal treatment should be carried out for too large zinc nodules and excessive pipes.

3. Car wire connection

①Random thread button: The pipe hoop and the thread button cannot be completely contacted or loosened, cut off the random button part, and re-thread the installation;

②The steel pipe thread and the pipe hoop thread do not match and cannot be connected. The pipe hoop should be replaced or the equipment should be adjusted to re-thread;

③ Missing printing after the steel pipe threading: measure whether the wall thickness of the steel pipe can meet the standard thickness requirements of the threading pipe.


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