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How to detect the position of weld seam in welded steel pipe

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The detection of welding seam position is a very important part of welding quality control and can be detected by a variety of methods. The following are some commonly used weld position detection methods:

1. Visual inspection: Conduct a visual inspection of the weld to see if the weld is in the designed position and whether there is any offset or misalignment.
2. Dimensional measurement: Use measuring tools such as calipers, gauges, etc. to measure the size of the weld position to ensure that the weld position meets the design requirements.
3. Ultrasonic testing: Use ultrasonic testing equipment to detect the position of the weld, which can detect the depth, position, and quality of the weld.
4. X-ray inspection: Welding seams are inspected through X-ray inspection equipment, which can display the position and internal structure of the welding seams, and is suitable for situations where high quality requirements are required for welding seams.
5. Magnetic particle inspection: Using the magnetic particle inspection method to detect the position of the weld, cracks, inclusions, and other defects on the weld can be found.
6. Optical fiber detection: Using optical fiber detection technology to detect the position of the weld, the position and quality of the weld during the welding process can be monitored in real-time.

Choosing the appropriate testing method depends on factors such as welding materials, welding positions, and quality requirements. One or more methods are usually selected for comprehensive testing based on specific circumstances to ensure that the welding quality meets the requirements.


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