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How to Realize the Automatic Flaw Detection and Eddy Current Detection of Tubing Couplings

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The oil industry is inseparable from various pipelines. For a long time, oil production plants have been troubled by the recycling of oil steel pipes, because a large number of oil pipes go directly into the well without inspection and treatment, and may break down or leak at any time, leaving hidden dangers for normal production and causing serious losses. However, because most of the oil pipes are equipped with oil pipe couplings, it is not easy to realize automatic flaw detection.

If manual u-t (ultrasonic) or m-t (magnetic particle) flaw detection is used, the workload will be large and the efficiency will be low. In particular, the u-t method still has coupling problems and is not easy to implement. This greatly increases the cost of oil pipe recycling, and oil casing manufacturers cannot afford it. The eddy current (et) method has been used in the metal pipeline industry for a long time, and the technology is relatively mature. Corresponding testing standards have been formulated at home and abroad. However, although the eddy current method allows a certain gap between the element and the sensor, the thickness of the pipe joint produces a greater lift force on the pipe than the effective sensitive area of ET. Therefore, the application of the traditional magnetic saturator and external flow probe, Automatic eddy current testing of tubing with tubing couplings is not possible.

Over the years, the topic of non-destructive testing of pipes has been proposed many times, but it has often lost its voice due to various factors. To solve the above problems, meet the needs of modern petroleum industry production, reduce the production cost of petroleum pipelines, improve the safety factor, and obtain more economic and social benefits, the oil pipe coupling manufacturer has developed a set of EEC-KU electromechanical integration multi-channel eddy current detection system. This system mainly solves the control opening and closing problem of the yoke multi-channel eddy current probe of the magnetic saturation device and uses PLC programmable controller to control the pneumatic components and electrical components, realizes the synchronous operation of each component, and completes the fully automatic eddy current with oil pipe coupling detection.


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