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How to store the spiral steel pipe

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First of all, we need to store the nearly spiral steel pipe in the warehouse, not store it in the open air, and we need to ensure that the storage in the warehouse is clean. Clean and well-drained. If there are weeds or other debris on the ground, it needs to be cleaned and stored. This is to keep the spiral steel pipe clean. Corrosive gases will corrode the spiral steel pipe. Moreover, the contact of acids, alkalis, salts, and other substances with the spiral steel pipe will also cause corrosion, so we need to do a good job of protecting the spiral steel pipe and avoiding contact with these substances. We also need to classify stored procedures. At work, this is to avoid inconvenience in use. We also need to check the spiral steel pipe regularly. If the spiral steel pipe is found to be rusted, we also need to remove the rusted product in time and analyze the cause of corrosion. Through the correct treatment, the corrosion of other spiral steel pipes is avoided.