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Industrial Steel Round Bar Export

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Industrial Steel Round Bar Export

When the mechanical performance requirements are high, after tempering and tempering treatment. Cold deformation plastic medium, annealing and normalizing have better machinability than quality. Used to manufacture high-strength parts, such as gears, shafts, piston pins, and machined parts, forgings , stamping parts, bolts, nuts and pipe joints.

Itl is suitable for manufacturing parts such as gears, bolts, general axles and axles, keys and studs
Which,are widely used in all industries for applications requiring higher strength and wear resistance than low carbon steel.

The chemical composition of C45 is as follows:

The maximum percentage of carbon (C) is 0.50%.
The maximum percentage of manganese (Mn) is 0.9% and the minimum is 0.5%.
Maximum percentage of phosphorus (P) is 0.03%
The maximum percentage of silicon (Si) is 0.04%.
The maximum percentage of sulfur (S) is 0.035%.
The maximum percentage of nickel (Ni) is 0.4%.
Maximum percentage of chromium (Cr) is 0.4%
What remains is the iron (Fe) percentage with almost no negligible impurities.

Industrial Steel Round Bar Usage:

It's a high-strength medium-carbon high-quality steel. Due to its poor hardenability, it is generally used in the normalized state.


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