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Installation Requirements for Oil Casing Threaded Insulation Joints

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1. Within 50 meters of the installation place the insulating joint, avoid welding dead joints.

2. After the insulating joint is connected to the pipeline of the oil casing, it is not allowed to lift the pipeline within 5 meters of the joint. Must be pressure tested with the pipeline.

3. After the insulating joint is connected to the pipeline of the oil casing, the joint should be repaired as required, and the surface temperature of the insulating joint should not be higher than 120°C during anti-corrosion work.

4. When installing the insulating joint, it should be installed at both ends of the joint on the straight pipe section 20 meters away from the elbow and set up brackets. When installing in the ground, avoid installing in places where water accumulates all year round.

5. The central axis distance of the joint should be installed on the same straight line as the central axis distance of the pipe, and the two center axis distances should not be greater than 0.2mm during installation.

6 When the displacement of the pipeline is greater than or equal to the compensation of the insulating joint, the number of joints should be increased to parallelize the displacement. It is strictly forbidden to adjust the tolerance of the pipeline so that the joints of the insulating joint are in a state of extreme bending displacement and deviation, let alone exceed the limit ( expansion, displacement, deflection, etc.).

7 When the insulated joint is at a high level or suspended in the air, the pipeline should be fixed on the hanger, bracket, or anchor frame, and the insulated joint should not allow the joint to bear the weight and axial force of the pipeline itself, otherwise the joint should be equipped with an anti-pull-off device (its bearing capacity must be greater than the pipe axial force).


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