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Internal and external anti-corrosion measures for steel pipes

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1. Common methods of external anti-corrosion of steel pipes

Using the cathodic protection method alone is not economical due to the large power consumption. Therefore, the combined protection of the anti-corrosion layer and the cathodic protection is adopted, and the cathodic protection of the exposed steel surface at the defects of the anti-corrosion layer is intensively treated, which is an economical form of protection. "Joint protection" is a protection method "mainly based on anti-corrosion layer and supplemented by cathodic protection".

2. Anti-corrosion treatment inside the pipeline

Main anti-corrosion measures: anti-corrosion coating and cathodic protection. The anti-corrosion layer mainly plays the role of isolation in steel corrosion control. The exposed steel at the defect and the part covered by the anti-corrosion layer form a localized corrosion battery of small anode and large cathode, which in turn will accelerate the corrosion rate of the exposed steel. Therefore, the effect of using anti-corrosion layer protection alone is not ideal. Prepare the tools required for pipeline corrosion and protection and the basic introduction to the external anti-corrosion measures of steel pipelines.

3. External anti-corrosion material of steel pipe

The external anti-corrosion measures of steel pipes will be reined. Polyethylene and polypropylene tapes to assess the corrosion status of pipelines and the safety risks of pipeline operation.

4. Pipeline anti-corrosion treatment

Combining a variety of detection methods, a set of proprietary external anti-corrosion layer detection technology can be used to use advanced instruments and technologies without excavation and without affecting the normal operation of the pipeline. Conduct a comprehensive and systematic inspection of defects, accurately locate the damaged point, evaluate the risk, integrity, and operation status of the pipeline, analyze the cause of pipeline corrosion and put forward repair suggestions, repair the damaged anti-corrosion layer of the pipeline in time, and maintain and repair the pipeline section with severe local corrosion. Extend pipe life.


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