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Key Points of Large Diameter Straight Seam Steel Pipe Processing Technology

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Rebar thread processing

①The thread shape, thread pitch, etc. of the large-diameter square tube for processing steel threads must be consistent with the thread shape and pitch of the connecting sleeve and have passed the matching gauge inspection.
② When processing steel bar threads, water-soluble cutting lubricant should be used; when the temperature is lower than 0°C, 15%-20% sodium nitrite should be added. Machine oil must not be used as lubricant or no lubricant should be added. Thread.
③The operator should check the appearance of the steel wire ends one by one and make operator marks.
④ For steel wire ends that have passed the self-inspection, 10% of the large-diameter square tubes of each specification should be randomly inspected, and no less than 10 pieces should be randomly inspected. If one of them is unqualified, all the processing batches will be inspected and unqualified wire ends will be inspected. It should be reprocessed and can be used after passing the inspection again.
⑤ The yarn heads that have passed the inspection should be protected with protective caps and sorted according to specifications for use.


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