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Measures to prevent ice blockage in long-distance natural gas steel pipelines

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1. Increase the temperature of natural gas

In the process of transporting natural gas, increasing the transport temperature can effectively prevent the problem of an ice blockage in long-distance steel pipelines. Generally speaking, to increase the temperature of natural gas, the main method is to install a special heating device in the pipeline, and then in the process of transportation, it can effectively increase the temperature of natural gas, so that the residual moisture in the pipeline, or water vapor It can be volatilized quickly, thereby ensuring the dryness of the pipeline and preventing the natural gas from forming hydrates. It is also possible to inject a certain proportion of chemical inhibitors into the pipeline so that the natural gas inside the pipeline can ensure the balance of heat and make it have long-term fluidity, which is an effective way to solve the problem of ice blockage.

2. Control the quality of the natural gas source

To effectively control the frequency of ice blockage in long-distance natural gas pipelines, the quality of natural gas should be fully controlled, and to a certain extent, the water dew point of natural gas should be reduced. Before the natural gas enters the pipeline, it is dried. For natural gas and transportation pipelines, dehydration treatment is performed to reduce the dew point of natural gas water and make it meet relevant standards.

3. Ensure the dryness of the pipeline

The drying treatment of steel pipelines has a very effective effect on solving the problem of water accumulation in steel pipelines. Generally, three methods are used: vacuum, air drying, and desiccant treatment. The treatment method of vacuum drying is to use vacuum pumping to reduce the pressure inside the pipeline, and then remove excess water to ensure that the inside and outside of the tube have the same pressure value, and the moisture inside the pipeline will accelerate under the action of pressure. The speed of boiling or volatilization; the air drying method is a relatively common treatment method, directly using dry air to purge the inside of the pipeline, and then realize the drying treatment of the pipeline; the desiccant treatment uses chemical agents, Inject into natural gas to achieve the purpose of automatic drying.


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