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Method of straightening straight seam steel pipe

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Method of straightening straight seam steel pipe:

1. The straight seam steel pipe bends in the same direction as the weld

Reason: Insufficient normalizing of the weld seam, thermal stress exists on the side of the pipe close to the weld seam, so it will bend in one direction after cooling.

Solution: 1. Adjust the middle roller and increase the deflection curve appropriately; 2. Straighten twice; 3. Temper the pipe as a whole when it cannot be straightened directly.

2. Irregular bending of straight seam steel pipes

Reasons: 1. The pressure between the three rollers is inconsistent; 2. The straightening roller wears a lot.

Solution: Check whether the upper straightening roller is loose, and straighten the length of the contact line between the three passes with a sample bar.

3. The length of the straight seam steel pipe is shortened greatly

Reason: The rolling angle between the three straightening rolls is too different; the straightening pressure is large.

Solution: Adjust the roll pressure angle to be as consistent as possible; adjust the straightening pressure appropriately.

4. One end of straight seam steel pipe bend

Reason: The distance between the rollers is too large.

Solution: Choose a straightening machine with a smaller pitch that adapts to the corresponding pipe diameter.

5. The head of the straight seam steel pipe is not round

Reason: The contact phase distribution between the three straightening rollers is improper or coincident, and the roller pressure is too high.

Solution: properly adjust the angle between the roller and the roller, and adjust the pressure of the roller to the tube.

Here are some tips of the striaght seam steel pipe straightening. Wish these will help you.


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